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Wing LK1000

Wing LK1000

* Wing Cover:

LK1000//powerful and fast

  • This wing is an evolution of LK 1200
  • The brand new LK1000 take off as early as the LK1200 but the speed performance has been improved without loosing the amazing stability.
  • During the development, we wanted to keep all the good point of the LK1200 but added more acceleration and a better top speed.
  • It’s the Ideal combination of the LK1 to explore your spot and fly in the lightest breeze.
  • The powerful profile and the dihedral at the end of the wing improves a lot the upwind/downwind angle and comfort. From 7 to 25 kts wind conditions.
  • Advice : For a very light wind using, we recommend to use the 1+° shim below the stabilizer.

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