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Windfoil LK1 2020
  • Windfoil LK1 2020
  • Windfoil LK1 2020
  • Windfoil LK1 2020
  • Windfoil LK1 2020

Windfoil LK1 2020

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The New Generation Windfoil.

Technical Specs

Technical Specs

  • The LK1 comes from our "R&D" program and has been designed to be very accessible for levels rider but also to perform in all conditions.
  • It is Always made exclusively in France in our factory in Saint-Malo.
  • The complete set of wings fits to all conditions, all programs (freeride, up-wind / down-wind, slalom ...) and all riders.

New Fuselage-Mast

New Fuselage-Mast

  • The LK1 is extremely rigid which gives it an incomparable stability.
  • The increased mast height (from 85 to 92 cm) and the new profile will allow you to better tolerate mistakes, keep control over the water and jibe easily in the air.
  • A new design for better hydrodynamics and maximum stiffness. The new geometry makes it possible to break the « shower » of water and limit the friction.
  • The monobloc connection between mast and fuselage ensures the longevity of the product.
  • The Fuselage : A Perfect integration of the wings in the fuselage and an optimized diameter to reduce the drag.



  • The Mast lK1 Performance is a lk1 2020 built in carbon HM (high modulus) and has an integrated decoration to limit friction.
  • it will allow you to navigate more easily at high speed than the LK1 2020 and will have more direct acceleration thanks to its high rigidity.
  • it will allow you to fly with great stability avoiding any parasitic movements.

Loke Trim System

Loke Trim System

  • The LTS support system on the hull ensures the perfect angle between the foil and the board.
  • It has been Developed for the market boards with a tuttle or deep tuttle box.
  • The force distribution system is integrated into the mast geometry with a more hydrodynamic shape and a distribution of forces on the entire contour of the box.

Three Wings For Two Stabilizers

Combining versatility, performance and stability.

  • LK Freeride New wing

    Freeride sailing

    • A comfortable wing with the most important lift of wings LK1
    • Sail in winds below 8 knots, take off earlier than 1000
    • Ideal to start or navigate without effort
    • Developed to make your flights even more stable and balanced
    • Maneuver jump and jib without ever touching the water
  • LK280

    The performance stabilizer

    • A stabilizer access performance.
    • Develop to make your flight stable, balanced and powerful in all conditions.
    • Preset with the possibility to adjust the setting thanks to two calibrated shims (-0,5 ° and + 0,5 °) ensuring a precise and reproducible adjustment.
  • LK 450

    Comfort stabilizer

    • A stabilizer access comfort.
    • A stabilizer that allows you to navigate at a lower speed than the LK280.
    • Ideal to start or to sail being more alaise.
    • Expand to make your flights even more stable and more balanced than the LK280.
    • Preset with the possibility to adjust the adjustment thanks to two calibrated shims (-0,5 °, + 0,5 ° and + 1 °) ensuring a precise and reproducible adjustment.
  • LK600

    Pure Speed

    • Up to 15 knots of wind.
    • Used by our team riders.
    • A fast wing developed for cross-wind and slalom courses.
    • A new profile for a linear thrust at any speed.
  • LK850

    Versatility & Performance

    • Wind range from 9 to 25 knots.
    • Used by our team riders.
    • Designed to be fast in all conditions.
    • A new profile for a linear thrust at any speed.
    • Seagull geometry and dihedral geometry have been developed to ensure the optimum stability and performance.
    • It is a wing with a "racing"program: powerful for the upwind / linear power for cross-wind / jibe in the air easily.
  • LK1000

    powerful and fast

    • This wing is an evolution of LK 1200.
    • The brand new LK1000 take off as early as the LK1200 but the speed performance has been improved without loosing the amazing stability.
    • It’s the Ideal combination of the LK1 to explore your spot and fly in the lightest breeze.
    • The powerful profile and the dihedral at the end of the wing improves a lot the upwind/downwind angle and comfort. From 7 to 25 kts wind conditions.
  • LK300 New stabilizer
    The stabilizer 300 has been designed to navigate safely in all wind conditions.

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