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Our Philosophy

Our motivation is to offer the best product. When we design a model, we carry about your need and your pleasure. This is why we are very attentive to your feedback. For us, foil discipline is not only elitist but also accessible to all levels.

Our Experience

The LOKEFOIL Brand is a result of a successful project, born in 2008. With the objective to make windsurfing fly over the water. Combination of our experiences in composite and our passion for windsurfing built this amazing project. We did more than 10 prototype to propose you in 2015 the first lokefoil « Envol », a windfoil for all market boards and easy for every riders.

Research & Development

Engineering combined with the latest technologies.

The LOKEFOIL staff develops its own products using mechanical and hydrodynamic simulation software and then test them on the water. The product development is carried out with the team of testers and professionals materials specialists. LOKEFOIL is constantly reflecting on research and we work with universities in order to keep an eye on advanced technologies. Combined all these skills, we are able to offer a quality product.


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